UE5: Landscape Physical Material needs to be rebuilt

I have an issue with UE5. It’s pretty widespread, but I found nowhere a solution. When I start my UE5 project in the window I have a notification in the top left corner that sais: “Landscape Physical Material needs to be rebuilt (64)”. When I try to build it nothing happens. Has anyone a solution? If I close the project and restart it will not start again and crashes, so I have to get it from a backup back.


same to me when I do painting my terrain

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Still no solution in Unreal 5.2.

Cannot build Landscapes in Unreal Engine. This is so bad.

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Unreal Engine is unable to create landscapes in the game. What a horrible thing to have happened.

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I had that Problem at the first Beginnings too.

Solved it by build the terrain new under “Build > Build All Landscape”.

Terrible for sure , 100 % agree. Same problem

Same problem. I have RTX 4090 with landscape size 16 x 16 and 24 cores of i9 . I get the same error message and I also I have a frame drop Idk why

its so frustrating and annoying… I spent few weeks on trying to solve the problem, googled and searched for information and possible solution but nothing works … Rebuilding the landscape and even all layers don’t help

You can click Run Play and then cancel the scarlet letter at Stop

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