【UE5】特定のプロジェクトでレイヤを設定できない JA,ENG

I am unable to use the layer function in a particular project created in UE5.

Purpose of use: Compose by assigning layers to cg_element in Composure.
If you know of an alternative way to use the layer function for the above, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Detail: When I open the layer window, the right click does not respond, and nothing is created when I drag and drop from the outliner. Cannot type in the search field.

Target projects: Mainly game-based projects such as Third Person and First Person.
It is possible to create in projects based on visuals, such as virtual productions.

Reinstalling the engine did not change the problem, and we have confirmed the same phenomenon on other PCs, so it does not seem to be caused by a PC origin.