UE5 Issues with the new modelling tools

Is anyone else having some serious issues with the new modelling tools in UE5.0.2 ?

Firstly unlike UE4 where you would open the mesh asset up and perform the mesh editing there, I can only seem to get the modelling tools pallette to appear alongside the main level viewport when I select modelling mode. If I open a static mesh asset and select the modelling tools button, I get the modelling tab on the right where it says to select a tool from the toolbar but no toolbar appears and so I can’t select a tool.

Secondly, when I select TriSel on some mesh actors, they suddenly look crazy, with random polys sprouting off in different directions and look nothing like the underlying mesh selected.

This makes them impossible to edit.

The modeling mode tool palette in UE5 contains all of the mesh editing tools, including tools for mesh creation, editing, normals, material assignments, UVs, etc… The modeling tools inside of the static mesh editor are a small subset of that larger toolset.

In regards to the broken up mesh we have not seen that type of problem with triSelect. Is it possible to share the mesh?

Also if you haven’t had an opportunity yet, there are a couple of good videos that introduce the new modeling tools in UE5.

Thanks for your reply - To confirm, you are saying the simple operations like flipping normals, deleting of faces are no longer available within the static mesh subset of tools? This is most definitely a backward step in my view and hopefully won’t continue to be the case for long. When you have a complex scene/level and you want to do a simple edit of a single asset then doing it within the static mesh asset window is far easier to work with.

I can probably send you a sample 3D asset that isn’t working via TriSel if you send me an email address to send it to please.

Thanks for the feedback, and yes currently the operations you mentioned are all available in the modeling mode and not in the static mesh editor.

Thanks, I will dm you with contact info for the problem mesh.