UE5 Is there any features to allow simulating multiple cloth grades on a character?

I’m new to Unreal Engine. I’ve searched a lot about creating clothes for characters, but haven’t succeed to find any working solution for this request.

I’m trying to create a virtual try-on application for a brand. We first generate a body based on the user’s body parameters. The problem is that we want to simulate multiple cloth sizes on a single body shape. The closest solution I’ve found yet is using morphs. but it does not work as I expect. Is there any solutions, steps, documents, resources, etc. to allow simulating multiple cloth grades (ex: xs, s, m, xl, xxl) on a character? Or anyone had a similar experience on this?

Any suggestions would help.

If you want to simulate clothes according to the body measurements of the characters, the most useful program for this is Reallusion Character Creator.

In the video I prepared, I import clothes and dress the character. After saving as fabric, the dress will now fit the character, regardless of the character’s body size. Also available in UE plugin.

In the second video, I showed how to transfer characters and animations to Unreal Engine.

However, the programs are somewhat expensive.