UE5 is a big step up in terms of UI, but it could be a lot better still

So I love most changes made to the UI, however, I can see a few small tweaks that would improve the usability big time, IMO. Would love to hear other people’s opinions, as I am quite new to the engine!

  1. Content drawer stickiness - Currently the content drawer disappears straight away, every time you click away. Could be nice to be able to configure a delay, where the timing gets reset if you interact/ hover over the drawer again. If not, my ctrl+space keys are going to get a bit of a workout!
  2. Content drawer smart filtering previews - You can filter by types, which is more intuitive and explorable than it was before (IMO at least). However, why do we even need to find the type and apply it? What if there was a persistent preview, that you could then interact with?
    The line could be EG: Animation Montage (2) | Animations (16) | Blend Space (4) | Blueprint (3).
    Each type being a button you can interact with as you could before, except the contents are dynamically updated depending on the actual contents of the folder you are browsing, not some file types you cared about 79 hours ago. This gives you a lot of helpful info from the get go, and makes the process of filtering much, much faster (IMO).
  3. Blueprint editor… improvements -BPs are clearly an important part of the engine, and that is not changing. They take up too much space visually doing simple things like getting references and the likes, or just adding parameters.
    a. Drop down support for parameters, so you can select a variable instead of having to add a node in
    b. Configure the look and feel of blueprints, I feel like they are too spatially wasteful currently. Not everyone would like shrunk nodes, though
    c. Enhanced formatting capabilities. I think the formatting tools currently are decent, but they definitely could be more powerful. I really dislike how often arguments/ returns will be just off the grid somehow, making alignment tedious.
    d. Re-order pins. Sometimes the data is referenced or used in awkward positions, and nice routing only gets you so far. If you could re-order the pins, it would make a world of difference WRT how nice you can actually make BPs look. Maybe I’m just too used to really opinionated code formatters that have eroded the formatting part of my brain :sweat_smile:
  4. Searchable types menu - Especially when creating a new item, if it’s not in reference to another thing, like a material, you have to follow the column menu to your item. Would be nice to just click Add > “Sky Atmosphere” > click, and be done with it, for example.
  5. Temporary parameter editing - What if, if you hold EG shift when tweaking a parameter slider bar, the value resets once you let go of the left mouse button? Especially when tweaking materials and the likes, I tend to mess around with values a lot, with most changes not being productive. Being able to rapidly iterate like that would certainly speed up some workflows surrounding visual stuff especially.