UE5 Install Problem

Hello everyone,

I have a problem while installing Unreal Engine 5 on epic games launcher on Windows 10, when there is “Install Engine” button but when I click nothing happens. I’ve installed and reinstalled the app several times but nothing. Can you help me pls :sob: Here are pictures for better viewing :slight_smile:

When you click “Install Engine” in the upper right corner, I’d expect you to see a EULA popup appear and a box get added under “ENGINE VERSIONS”.

Could you try totally closing out of the launcher and giving that another go?

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Update: after letting the installer run for about one hour, I noticed that the ‘+’ icon is now orange/yellow. It seems that the problem goes away by just waiting.
My understanding is that the installer does some kind of disk indexation. In case of slow disks (my case) or big disks, this process takes a long time. When doing so, the installer should tell the user to be patient.

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I wanted to install UE5 on two machines. Both are Windows 10 64 bits.
One is modern and UE5 installation went smoothly.
However, on the older one, I encounter the exact same error than this thread OP: the ‘+’ button is greyed and the “Install Engine” button does nothing. :frowning_face:
Any suggestion?

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I reinstalled the launcher 3 times, and after the 4th time it finally worked. Thanks for your reply Amanda :slight_smile: