UE5 IK retargeting - Best way to "update" animation assets after edits to IK Retargeter asset?

Hello all!

So, I made my first IK retargeting in UE5. I retargeted some animations and an animation blueprint from a slightly modified UE4 Mannequin skeleton to the Metahuman skeleton.

I already applied those retargeted animations to the game’s blueprints. However, I was not completely satisfied with the results, so I made some changes to the IK retargeter file.

Question is, now that I’ve made those changes, is there a way to easily “update” the retargeted animations and animBP made during that first attempt, according to the new changes made to the IK retargeter? A sort of “Re-retarget”, so to speak?

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Unfortunately I think that you have to re-retarget them because they don’t get automatically updated.

The new retargeter allows you to preview the retargeted animations before actually retargeting them and this is a big plus compared to the previous system, you probably should have tweaked the ik rig before the retargeting


Oh, sad. Wish it could automatically detect changes.
(On a slight tangent the preview is a little funny sometimes, because it previewed a mesh with incorrect bone orientations as if it was totally fine, only for me to retarget the anims and notice later that the SKmesh was totally wrong).
Still, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if they allowed you to actually see the bones for the Target and not the Source…That Would Be Super Helpful when working with Virtual Bones.

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