UE5 - how to remove the 'preview' text? Build light doesn't seem to work!

anyone know how to build lighting (like it does in UE4?) to remove the text in shadows that says ‘preview’? Seems to basic but I can’t seem to find an answer elsewhere.

All help much appreciated!

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in 4.x:

And in 5.0:


Thank you for your solution - it does remove the ‘preview’ text from the view port but I still have a related issue.

When I export the video as an AVI from level sequencer the ‘preview’ is back! In UE4 I would just build the lighting at it solves this issue, but this doesn’t appear to be an option in UE5?

So my updated question is - how can I remove the ‘preview’ text from an AVI video exported out of level sequencer?

That, I don’t know. Sorry!
Maybe toggling “force no precomputed lighting” is still a thing?

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This bug can’t be fixed by changing that setting, also this setting below supposed to fix it:
Project Settings → Rendering → Uncheck “Render Unbuilt Preview Shadows in game”
But tested it doesn’t have any effect for this.

To clean the watermark it has to either use “Virtual shadow maps (Beta)” instead of “Shadow Maps”, or make all light sources movable and don’t bake any static lighting in UE5.1.

Maybe this is intended to force users to use Lumen and dynamic lighting, because UE5.1 has greatly boosted Lumen performance.

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This bugged me for a long time, but I managed to fix it. I was also having issues where the Preview Shadow Indicator was showing up in ‘play mode’, even with it disabled in the editor window by unchecking the option in ‘Show>Visualize’, and after building the lighting in my scene.

The problem seems to be that the PreviewShadowIndicatorMaterial (found in Engine>Content>EditorMaterials) doesn’t update when the project is changed to Shader Model 6 (SM6) for use with DirectX 12.

This can be fixed by opening the Material Graph for PreviewShadowIndicatorMaterial, and connecting the Material Expression Constant node to the ‘SM6’ pin in the Feature Level Switch node (as pictured).

EDIT: to clarify, I’m not 100% certain that the reason this works is because of what I said, that’s simply a theory on why this fixed the issue for me. I don’t know enough about nodes to confirm that this is the case - I would love for an Unreal dev to confirm.


This is really useful to solve problem