UE5 How to get control of your third person characters?

So I’m unable to pick up this hat for whatever reason even tho, I properly applied the blueprints, is it because I don’t have the correct third-person blueprint?

Viewpoint positions

Hat bp

thirdperson character bp

I want to know if its possible to switch characters within the viewpoint, perhaps i mistakenly put the wrong character bp? hence why I can’t pick up the hat?

Unreal Engine 5 btw, just starting out.


After looking over your Hat Bp, you don’t have the Player Controller hooked up correctly in the Enable Input, or the Disable Input. Connect from the “As BP_ThirdPersonCharacter Pin” to the Target Pin on Enable Input. Connect from the “Get Player Controller” to the “Player Controller Pin” on the Disable Input. I hope this helps as without seeing the entire setup it is what I came up with.