(UE5) How can I play an animation from a widget?

So, I’m trying to make an animation play from a menu I made in a widget. The sequence is in the world, and I can’t seem to activate it from the widget.

When I try to put the action into the level blueprint, it doesn’t recognize the button used to trigger the animation.

I also tried putting the sequencer reference into the widget

But whenever I try playing the game and activating the animation, I get this error.

Any ideas?

Does this sequencer have anything selected to play?

As far as I remember - think of it as it was a Windows Video Player

The Sequence is a Track played by a Sequence Player

I cannot remember exactly (I solved that once for somebody xD) but surely you need both

So I think I have the sequence and not the sequence player. I actually haven’t heard of that yet.

I was able to get it to work when I hooked up the same thing in the level blueprint, but made the action a simple keyboard press.

Anything else I should know?

The error “accessed None” you get - it means that:
-reference is empty (no target actor selected for the variable)
-Actor was killed
-Actor is pending kill

I think you need the main node for your Sequence from the Level, pull out from it and specify which Sequence Player you are gonna use to play
(There’s one type but it’s an Object Variable - you should be able to specify your parameter)

If you will not be able to resolve this let me know so I will jump to my pc to look on it

I tried to find project I made for someone else but couldn’t find it :confused:

Didn’t found the Project but found a Screenshot!

Hope this will be helpful:

That’s the setup :slight_smile:

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