UE5 - Horrible performance in packaged game


I’m experiencing a very strange issue with UE5. I can rund the Open World template map with a 3rd Person Template in Editor perfectly fine with 120FPS.

Packaged the game with this maps as the start map, shipping configuration, all the same settings and I run into a massive GPU bottleneck resulting into hardly 60 FPS.

Again exactly same settings and without all the debug stuff, yet it’s unacceptable for an empty landscape.

Does anyone else experience this issue? UE4 has in a simmilar setup better performance in a packaged game as in editor, just like it’s expected.

Win11, RTX2070, UE5.0 Source Build.


Hi, I’m having the same issue here. Mine is even worse: 60 fps PIE and 30 fps in a packaged game with the default 3rd person template. My graphics card is also RTX 2070 super but I’m running in a 5120x1440 ultrawide monitor.

What resolution did you run your game in to get 120 fps in the editor and 60 in a packaged game?

I got the same issue fine in Editor but hell in package game
Epic also released 5.0.3 but no luck it didn’t fix the issue. I don’t know the root of the issue.

I too am having the same problem, seems to happen over time in V5 for some reason. Haven’t found a fix yet but my project runs in editor at 60fps but in a packaged game with all updates it runs at a shiny 32.

Did anyone find a solution? :frowning:

Hi! I have a similar problem :frowning: