[UE5] Hit Event returns Wrong Physical Material

Using the Hit Event returns the wrong and always the same Physical Material, this happens with Meshes with multiple Materials and with Landscapes.

Either this is a bug in UE5 or I just can’t figure out what the problem is.
This did not happen in the last five UE4 versions.
I tried reporting the bug to epic but the ticket seems to have just disappeared.

Help would be much appreciated, I’m desperate and struggling to update stuff to UE5 cause of this bug.

This is my Sample Project to show the bug only:

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anyone got a solution for this? I’m kinda desperate :melting_face:

so I figured out what’s wrong: I’ve been trying to use a sphere, this has worked in all previous versions. Somehow this does not work in UE5, so I changed the Collision of my sphere to a capsule with 0 height and it works again. Kinda weird bug but UE5 seems generally very buggy, I’ve just stumbled upon the next bug but that should be discussed in another thread.