UE5 Guitar Template comes in black

Just starting and I open the guitar template in UE5 and it comes in black.
I guess I need to update or change something to working in UE5?

Please help.
Thank you.

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Ah. I believe it’s because the shaders are compiling. In the top left it says 4,000 left. After that’s done see how it looks.

@Commandgeek thanks a lot . I think now all the shaders are done but still everything looks black-ish.

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Maybe try adding a directional light? See how that looks. Or try use sun light in the details panel on the right under ENV Sun

@Commandgeek Thank you, yes that solved it. I think the template guitar scene hasn’t been updated to work with Lumen , that’s why it looks all black.

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@Madeira3d ok! Glad I can help! You can mark my 2nd post as the answer so the post will show as resolved.