UE5 GPU or D3D Crash FIX

Hi everybody, I’ve found a fix for the GPU or D3D device disconnected error. Like many of you, I have tried the TDR delay, reflection settings, shadow maps, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion after a lot of research and testing that this issue is a bug caused by some kind of incompatibility with DirectX12 and UE5. A lot of people say it’s hardware-related, but in my case, I have a RTX 3070 with 16GB and still had the bug. What fixed it was turning on SM6 in windows platform, at the same time leaving SM5 enabled as well. Ever since this I have yet to get a GPU crash. These forums have helped me solve problems for 5 or so years now so I thought it was only right I help too :slight_smile:


Try it, but DX12 crash again sadly…