UE5 & glTF: vert normals on Skel mesh?

Hello folks!
Soo…glTF importer has been improved since I initially tested. A problem I’m having now is that Skeletal Meshes do not get their Vert Normals picked up unlike the static variant on the left.

Is this under development, or I’m missing something?

Hey there @WoodpeckerXL! Welcome to the community! If I remember correctly glTF was meant to be out of experimental support some time ago, it could have been changes to the SKM base that caused this. I’m going to give it a couple tests myself, but it’s likely going to require a report as glTF is a rare report to see!

Do you have the sample so we can test?
Are you importing using 5.1? Direct import into the editor (not using Datasmith)?

Hello I have returned! Here’s the file, nothing exceptional, with direct importer yes.
Abnormal_Monkey.gltf (49.3 KB)

Suggest trying glTFForUE4.