Ue5 game dev on linux?

After using UE5 in Linux for weeks, I had to go back to UE5 in windows a few weeks ago, mainly because it was more stable on Windows and also because I miss some features in Linux (Live coding for instance).
And also because some plugins are windows compatible only (dungeon architect for instance)

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Has anybody tried to work in UE5 editor in VM with GPU passthrough?

I’ve also thought about this kind of solution on linux…but I’ve not even been able to have a good and easy working GPU passthrough solution… so not sure it’s possible

Full Unreal Engine 5.0.3 Linux Download (Binary-zip) Linux - Unreal Engine


  • Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit
  • Graphics card with ≥8 GB of memory
  • ~60 GB free disk space

Hi, is live coding possible on Linux with the last version ?