UE5 - FPS character (no sk mesh) - Capsule rotates with camera - Why?

Hello, i have a first person character with no skeletal mesh, just a camera and collision capsule (and a couple other irrelevant things).

I realized that when i LookUp and LookRight, the capsule rotates with the camera.

The camera and spring arm are children of the capsule. The capsule is the root. I tried un-ticking the use control pitch/yaw rotation, but that stops me from being able to look/rotate the camera.

I thought this was going to be a simple fix but no solution ive found has worked.

Does anybody have any ideas? This is making my game feel crappy because its causing my character to slide up on tsbles and bump around all weird.

I really appreciate any advice.



I have a bit of a similar though not same issue as you with my collider. But about your setup, why do you have two spring arms? My understanding is it’s used for the camera only when it gets obstructed but it looks like you have one as a parent and one as a child.


Check the camera movement code . Its what is controlling the look and direction of the player (not just look but movment)

If you want to independanlty remove this then you can do 2 things.

  1. Find a differeent way to move the player facing direction using keys to rotate and remap the mouse to rotate the camera

  2. Intercept the lookup and down movement (believe its Y axis) and apply them to the camera and NOT the character movement. Just remember you may want an auto snap back to face forward, or not your choice.

I have one so the Flashlight has a lag behind effect. I feel it makes it a bit more realistic. The character is supposed to have a Flashlight on his chest. The camera is his eyes. So when you turn to the left or right, your eyes look there and your body lags behind.

If your Flashlight is supposed to be on your chatacter’s head, the spring arm/lag would not be needed.

Ah, OK that makes sense. I’ll give the second option a try soon.

Thanks for the help!