UE5 for iPadOS?

Can someone clarify if the wording from Epic saying that UE5 will support iOS is referring to an installable UE5 app or is it just referring to supporting exporting games to iOS?

Hi @John_Hillier
I think this You tube will say how to set up UE5
Using the iPad Pro //iOS in Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube

They don’t even support ARM for the editor natively, for MacBooks!

IMO no chance this happens.

  • UE is heavily keyboard driven for one thing, and the target market is pretty small to start off with
  • You pretty much need a second monitor with how cramped you would be on iPad screens
  • Don’t think you get access to the filesystem really
  • C++ would be out of the question I assume, and so would be anything requiring compilation

Maybe a cut down version that is fully Blueprint driven, as an intermediate step towards full UE? Pie in the sky idea but yeah.