UE5 File Formats

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I have scoured the internet via the Googs and posted this question in several UE forums, but I am absolutely FLABBERGASTED how hard this information is to obtain. Either people legitimately don’t know or are hoarding this information like some kind of gatekeeping dragon.

Can someone link or provide a comprehensive list of the file formats that UE5 supports? (2D, 3D, Audio, and everything)
I need it to catalogue my workflow with various programs to ensure that my future tech is all compatible or I at least have a way to convert it into a usable format for UE5.

I plan to make a graphic with a flow chart of several formats and I know it would benefit the dozens of people in my position right now.

Please help me. I made this account to beseech the UE community firsthand since I couldn’t find the information elsewhere.

Respectfully posted,
The Millennial

Unreal does have documentation online

FBX import and export of course.

In addition check the plugins for import/export formats.

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The entire list of importable file formats can be found in the import dialogue:


Thank you very much! I am beyond new to using advanced software like this so I didn’t even realize the documentation was basically a manual. I am already working with the information you’ve provided and will study other parts of the documentation later on.

Thank you again for helping me.