UE5 FacialMocap Maya

Hi guys i have some question about facial animations . Basically i am working on my character in maya and it’s connect via Maya live link in UE5. I transfered and fix some weights ( still working on it ) but now i am able to use the control and the rigging of the metahuman on my character. So now my questions. I want to make it talk by using the control of the metahuman in maya , so i guess it’s time to do some facials mocap, it’s the first time i am working is this field, so, sorry guys if i am using wrong terms. I learned there are some software like Faceware, i tried to follow some tutorials about the program, but i thought it would be more easier. Before i put myself enterily into this software (Faceware), i want to know what you suggest to use for facial animation and mocap? what workflow you follow and which program you use? i haven’t iphone, so i can t use any software or app that use it , but i have iclone . Let me know please which workflow should i follow? Thank you!!