UE5 "Export selected" not exporting dynamic mesh actors, created in modelling mode

I’ve been creating a level using a new modeling mode by creating almost everything from the dynamic mesh actors. After a while, I decided to export everything to the Blender to start an art pass but found out that none of my geometry are exported, just a bunch of empty actors. It is such a bummer, I was assuming that dynamic mesh actors are something like Probuilder objects in Unity and there will not be any problems with their export at all.
Is there may be some way to export dynamic mesh actors which I didn’t know about? Or it is just a bug?

I just encountered the same issue. Dynamic meshes are not saved as objects so they can’t be exported. You ahve to convert them back to static meshes in order to be able to export them.

The “convert” option is in the modeling mode under the XForm tab (third from the top).
This lets you convert meshes from one type into another. It is most likely advisable to merge down any larger structures that are made out of separate parts.

I hope this helps.