UE5 Engine Not Building - Possibly AWS/FASTBuild related


I’ve been using new UE5 Engine running on local machine, and haven’t had any issues with UnrealBuildTool etc when first setting engine up to build inside Visual Studios, however recently I’ve been using AmazonWebServices(AWS), and migrated Engine and Project over to this to setup a Jenkins pipeline to automate builds.

This worked for about a week until I tried to add FASTBuild to engine without realising UE5 engine has FASTBuild already setup, which resulted in UnrealBuildTool issues. I removed all my attempts at integrating FASTBuild to engine, cleaning and rebuilding engine but to no avail. I then removed engine entirely and reinstalled UE5 engine again but it’s still getting same errors as before despite being a new clean version.

I’m wondering has anyone had similar issues either locally or on a remote desktop client. I’ve attached screenshot of error messages.