UE5 editor UI in UE4

UE5 is announced for 2022 and would not be wise to use in production before then. Its UI general overhaul and features would be great to have before then.

Possible at some point?

(Visual clarity in general, esp list guidelines, content browser hiding and tab docking.)

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It wont happen, UE4 will die off at some point just like UE3 did when UE4 was released did you see them waste time on UE3 no lol.

Repeat: Before then [releasing 5].

As far as precedents go, I never worked on UE3, so taking UE4-to-5 as example: 4.26 came out after 5 was announced. Besides, it’s not like we’re talking about ueScript to blueprint change.

So I guess the question still stands.

Great for devs because UI is (imho) the most important update (at least until next-gen is the norm). Great for Epic because feedback from actual workflow > feedback from test workflow.