UE5 editor lags so much

So, the editor for some reason lags way too much, it makes navigating in an empty project painful.
I’ve never had FPS related issues with UE4 and I know that it is still in early access, so is there a chance that not only I have this problem? I would really love to explore the new features and everything, but I’ll be sticking to UE4 for now.
Ooh, yeah… the new project I made and saved did not show up later in the library.

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Tried scaling down Screen Percentage from viewport settings? It should increase your performance a little bit.

What are the specs of your pc?

It lags for me too. It doesn’t feel good.

No, I haven’t, but I still think It wont work.

Try to change de editor UI to ue4 UI, sometimes it saves some fps

I have finally FINALLY solved my problem. Hopefully it doesn’t come back :slight_smile:

I sincerely hope y’all can resolve it in the same way.

Uninstall EVGA Precision XOC - yes that’s right. That makes the UE5 GUI behave like UE4. It’s amazing.

UE team should really get on this.

I had this issue in UE5 Preview 2. It was easily fixed by unchecking “Realtime” in my Viewport Options.
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