UE5 editor freezing every 4-5 seconds

Hi, my editor started to freeze every 4-5 seconds for a fraction of a second no matter what I do. Doing something with blueprints? Random freezes. Adding something to level? Freezes. Playing in editor or even a separate window? Freezes. This started to happen when I started playing with rames limiting, but I removed everything I did related to the topic and set all settings to default, but it didn’t help. Also, I saw other similar posts, but I have over 100gb of free space on my hard drive (m.2 drive), and it’s not android project.

Would you mind posting your PC specs?
Is this something that happens to you in UE4 now?
Have you noticed decreased performance in any other programs?
Have you tried a fresh install of the Engine?

I checked it now, its working correctly. And I didn’t change anything. I will check tomorrow, but it seems be good.