UE5 editor always runs on integrated GPU, refuses to use dedicated GPU

I’ve downloaded the UE5 early access build from the Epic launcher, and although I have got the editor to launch, it always launches on my laptop’s integrated Intel GPU instead of the dedicated NVIDIA one. This means that everything runs very slowly and it’s very difficult to use.

I’ve modified settings in the NVIDIA control panel so that the executable should prefer the NVIDIA GPU, and I’ve also modified Windows 10’s graphics settings to set the editor to use the performance GPU, but none of this helps and the task manager still reports the executable as running on GPU 0.

I’ve not had this issue with any other applications on my machine. The UE4 editor runs fine on my dedicated GPU (I don’t think I ever had to tweak any settings to have it use the correct GPU), so I’m not sure why UE5 refuses to do this. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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I have this issue too. UE5 won’t use my 3070.