UE5 EA2 Building Lights Problem

The project was created with UE5 (i.e. ray tracing etc. active).
There are no static lights in the level. All lights are moveable (even an error occurs when the directional light is stationary).

Does anyone have any idea what causes the problem? Or does somebody suddenly have the same problem?
If not, please change something so that the lights have to be rebuilt. Before I had to rebuild the lights, it worked.

Hi. Not nesessarily the same issue as you but may well be related. I also am having issues with the ue5 lighting system. For me, it was working fine in the previous version. I do not have exceptions being raised as you are experiencing but it looks as though the unreal team have made some breaking modifications to this module.

Ok, the problem was a single brick, after I removed it from the map everything goes again.

If someone else has the same problem, just take a lot of time, gradually remove each actor from the level and see when the error is gone