UE5: Dragon City - Need Collaborators

With the release of UE5 EA, I will be undertaking a Giant MEGA Project aimed at releasing on the Unreal Marketplace by Q2-Q3 2022. For this purpose, I need collobarators and Team players. I am Solo Dev by Trade.


I need someone to work on the Landscape Environment. I am quite good with Props but my experience with Landscapes is limited so need help in that field.

My Plan is to create a MEGA Assetpack 3D Environment of over 2000+ Static Meshes of all sizes and shapes. Building, Rocks, Brides, Towers, GlassDomes, Statues, Columns, Pillars…etc.

It will includes Fountains, Rivers of lava, Fires, Smokes, Volcanoes and other Environment VFX Features. The Assets will be complex and Intircate with High Poly Meshes with High Res 8K Textures for maximum Details and Effects.

This will be inspired from the Fictional Magical city of Valyria from Game of Thrones, amongst many other inspirations.

I have been an Unreal Marketplace Creators for over 2 years now.
See my Portfolio if Interested/