UE5 download failing 2-6% with "IS-0005"


I’m trying to download UE5_EA for two days. Trying again and again, but every time it’s failing at 2-6% with this code. I can download and browse other things. Only Happening to this one. Any help will be appreciated.

That’s a network problem check your firewall and proxy.

and also turn off metered connection

This could also happen if you have a slow network

My speed close to 70MBPS. Firewall off. Using warp. I turned off metered connection as well. I tried non-proxy way. Still not working.

Try reinstalling Epic Games Launcher I did it once when had issue downloading a game.

If it still doesn’t work contact the support team.

I contracted… The problem fixed with changing engine.ini value. Thanks man, you are really helpful <3

What did you change it to? I am getting the error in 4.26