UE5 Doesn't detect compiler (VS2022)

Hello everyone

I just tried to create a new brand C++ project in Unreal 5 but I could not since an error showing that can’t locate my visual studio compiler.

I’m using VS2022 installed in a custom path. It have the C++ game package which provides support for UE.

I would appreciate if there is any way to indicate UE5 where to locate the compiler either a config file or an environtment variable.

Thanks for your time

In your project settings you can select what compiler the engine should use. Normally it is set to automatically choose it. You can try out manually selecting it.

Hey thanks for replying, but to do so I believe I need to have already one project created right?

Ohhh. So for you it doesn’t work at all? If so maybe you have multiple instances installed.

Question was, which I have as well. How do I tell UE5 to use VS2022 instead of VS2019 when creating a C++ Project. I do not have 2019 installed, nor do I want to at this point since I want to use the latest version.

One thing I’m guessing, which I’ll try out is to create a blueprint project and try to convert it.

I was able to make it work by downloading and compiling from the UE5-master branch and not using the pre-built binary from the installer.

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