UE5 does not recognize previously created C++ classes

I have an issue with C++ classes, and any derived blueprints. Here are the steps I followed:

The created instance is no longer visible…

Attempting to open the Blueprint displays this error:

And the mentioned class is no longer being displayed in the Content Drawer anymore, but the files are still in the folder.

Recompiling with Live Coding makes the class appear once more, but the problem is repeated the next time UE5 is closed.

I did some more testing. I closed the UE5 Editor and compiled on VS.NET without using the live coding function. The blueprints worked as expected and the created classes could be seen in the editor.

However, upon use of live coding all data was lost again.

I’m having this exact same problem and disabling Live Coding is not working. Does anyone else managed to find another solution? It’s impossible to work with this error.