Ue5 d3d device was removed. Summary of the problem and a solution for a small group of people

There are many kinds of this problem

  1. Crash when large assets, main distribution Vram exhaustion, Ram exhaustion, etc. There is no effective solution to this problem.
    This problem will be solved to a certain extent after enabling virtual textures. There are new TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay in the registry, and the frequency of the graphics card is reduced, but only a small number of people can be solved.
  2. The crash of MSI Afterburner type monitoring fps software, this kind of crash is to open ue5 and immediately crash, this problem can be solved by closing the software or importing ue into the whitelist.
  3. This is the most important, and it is also a hard problem that has not been solved for several months after submitting the problem. This problem only occurs frequently on the UE5 and 30 series graphics cards of win11. The frequency of the graphics card is 3080~3090. It’s a completely random crash, sometimes it crashes immediately, sometimes it can take ten minutes or even half an hour. There is no solution at all, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the above two problems. The main tips are
    [fatal error: [file:d:\build++ue5\sync\engine\source\runtime\d3d12rhi\private\d3d12util.cpp] [line: 859]].
    If you switch back to win10, it will be completely solved, but for friends with CPUs of 12600 and above, your CPUs are in win10, especially in UE, which can be described as disabled, and there is a great problem with core scheduling. But Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to solve the problem of the 12th generation cpu in win10.
    This problem is most likely related to the graphics card driver.

Please share your solution if you have a solution.
Also, I would like to ask Microsoft, Epic, Nvidia, the question has been going on for a few months, what are you doing? While I was collecting questions for a few days, I guess at least tens of thousands of people who are engaged in hobbies or work have encountered it. Same problem, please fix it, thanks.

Now win11 is doing the work of ue5 metahuman. It crashes many times a day. After returning to win10, it will not crash once in 10 days, but the performance of 12700k becomes disabled under win10.
And there is no way.