UE5 Crazy Slow UI. Glitches

Compared to UE4, UE5 is crazy slow (mean GUI - buttons, menus, windows…) a lot of glithes…
Simply say - impossible to work…
Anybody knows how is possible to handle with it??
Why did they release the raw product…its a question? or shoud it buy the TOP CPU and RTX3090 (or better?) just for comfort work!!!
ps. I would stay for UE4, EU5 is raw…but i create the vehicles (some for marketplace - as publisher you have to publish project for last engine version), and convertion projects for UE5 doesnt work…need to make them almost from scratch (new vehicle class, new audio - previous sound cue parameters dont work, etc…)

*tested on:

  1. 2x Xeons, 64Ram, GTX 1080
  2. Laptop i7, 32Ram, RTX2060
    Situation the same…Laptop slightly better (tested template projects, empty projects)
    ** “ArchViz guys” - i know all is ok for you) Lumen is ok, Nanite as well. But the other stuff… Would like to see other thoughts)

I ran most of Unreal 5 Preview just fine on an 8-year-old laptop until just recently. It had a GTX960n, i7 (skylake) and 32GB of RAM. It only started to get difficult when attempting to actually run a simulation. I’m not really sure what could be going on for you.

Have you made sure that your computer is using the dedicated graphics card for Unreal? Sometimes when I get new programs, I have to go into my settings and manually assign that program to the dedicated card, instead of the on-board.

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Agree, its weird.
Computer and laptop use the right GPU - no problem there) I do not know what is wrong …
I wouldnt write this if there was nothing to compare with - UE4 and UE5, UE5 sucks …

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I’m having the same issue right clicking in the blueprint node editor for example causes the editor to hang for 2-15 seconds before showing the context menu.

GTX 1080
i7 3.3Ghz
32G Ram

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Guys I solved the problem.
My machine configuration is:
Microsoft Windows 11
CPU = Intel i9-9900x
RAM = 64GB
That said, after days and days of testing and trying, the system does not present any kind of error or warning, but continues to go extremely slow.
Before losing my mind completely, I decided to go back to version 4.27.2.
Now everything is working perfectly and I can maybe finish my game.
I hope the official UE5 developers make up their minds to make a move on solving the problem.
Good day everyone.

Read my answer at least you solve the problem.