UE5 Crash - OldValue == NewValue

I don’t usually post things like this, but I’m at a total loss. I’ve been working in UE5 since it came out basically, and for awhile I’ve known of an issue where if you press ; while in the editor (not in a blueprint), it would cause the engine to crash. This was annoying while debugging AI, but nothing I couldn’t handle. However recently I began working with C++, everything was going great, until I accidentally hit semicolon while debugging AI and it crashed, but this time after trying to re-open it through visual studio, it crashed immediately, every time. I can open through the uproject file, but the error is still in the output log preventing packaging. The specific error is in ThreadingBase.cpp at line 163. The callstack and a screenshot of the error should be posted below (new to this forum stuff so apologies)

Callstack.txt (28.8 KB)

Here’s a snippet of that error in the output log

I had been working on AI before the crash, and assumed maybe one of the files got corrupted due to the crash, and deleted everything associated to that AI however it still did not fix the issue. Everything was fine before I accidentally hit semicolon in the viewport while running through visual studio.

The issue was not reproducible in a separate project, nor was the semi-colon causing a crash thing either, even with the same plugins.

Going to delete the project, and reinstall through github (I have it backed up on a repo)

Redownloading the repo did not work unfortunately, it seems the issue is exclusive to my project, it’s not being caused by my plugins either :confused:

I discovered it was due to a corrupted asset, possibly caused by crashing. It was a mesh specifically, after deleting said mesh everything worked fine.

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how did you found corrupted asset? Having same error and struggling to fix it (new to unreal).

Sorry for the super late reply, in the event you never figured this out, I had my project connected to source control (github) so I was able to delete a few folders at a time and attempt to open the project until it worked, it was a very time consuming process. If you don’t use source control, just duplicate your project and delete things from the duplicate until it works

not good advice if you have over 100.000 assets and your project is 60 gb big