UE5 Convert Project + "made with a different version"

Projects I’ve made in UE5 and only opened in 5 prompt to convert to 5 upon opening.
If not that they’ll prompt for “Select Unreal Engine Version”.
When I start a new project it’ll say something like “would you like to update this project”.
Some projects say version 5.0 others say 5.0EA.
All this happens with the Windwalker Echo example project too.

Anyone know what this is all about? Or how to clean it up?

A little more info…
If I open UE5 itself, and then select project (which now says 5.0), it’ll prompt to “convert in-place”. (If I do it’ll probably then say 5.0EA. Then if I open it from the launcher it’ll prompt to select version :joy:)
Project opens fine from the Epic Launcher. I’ll try to watch more closely but it seems like there’s a difference opening from Launcher vs launching UE5 and opening there. It’ll bounce between 5.0 and 5.0EA.

i have the same problem. did you find out why that is yet?

Just seems like the Epic launcher and UE5 are assigning different versions (5.0 and 5.0EA). So I’ll be opening all my projects from the launcher (rather than opening through UE5).

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