[UE5 Content request] City Sample small city and City Sample roads

I’ll preface this with: I’ve not downloaded the City Sample. I have neither the storage space nor the required specs to even open the project. I do however really want to play with some of the tools, namely the mass AI stuff like zone graphs for crowd (pedestrian) simulation and traffic simulation

I guess this would be a request for Epic considering it’s scope but I feel like it’s probably not something they’d care to do but in reading around there seems to be a small city level within the City Sample. My guess is that it’s just a smaller sized version of the main city? (Again, not been able to look) But I was wondering would there be a chance of getting a smaller city version of the main pack? Just something that still demos the features but with a lot less content and instances to target lower end PCs that still want to demo the features

I really want to try things like the zone graphs out

While I’m there, can we get a City Sample Roads pack similar to how we have the vehicles/crowds/buildings packs? Being able to see how they achieved the road networks with the various features in a smaller environment like we can with the other packs would be a massive help again for people with lower end PCs that just want to dive into the road systems instead of everything in one


I second this. For teaching purposes and to make it accessible to students, it would be great to have a smaller version with just a few city blocks.