UE5 Content Browser Thumbnails


By default thumbnails are to big for my personal taste.
Also, i regret is not possible anymore to size the thumbnails using the mouse wheel.

Now is need to go inside the Settings menu → Thumbnail Size → and pick the desired size, which is cumbersome.
But anytime we reopen the content browser the thumbnails size is reset to the medium size, which is annoying.
Because of this, is need to use the menu again to set again to desired size which is very annoying especially because this setting is not keep anyway …

I have search in the editor preference but i dont find option for the thumbnails, do there is a way to set a desired size as default size ?


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So , it turn out, we have now two main content browser type and up to 4 dockable browser, and the settings are not global or common.
Instead the floating version and each dockable version, individually apply their own setting.


Finally! Having multiple content browser tabs yet being unable to configure them differently was really annoying me.

Yes it seem nice that all of them have independent settings.
Also this settings are save with the project, so, they keep the last thumbnail size per content browser.

It is a little confusing at first but at the end it is not bad at all …
Otherwise i really miss the mouse wheel to change the thumbnails size :slight_smile: