UE5 Content Browser Shortcut - Mac OS

FEEDBACK - On MacOS 12.0.1 in UE5 Editor, the shortcut for showing/hiding the Content Browser panel on MacOS is the same as the MacOS system shortcut for Spotlight search - Command + Spacebar (⌘+ [SPACE] )

If it was changed to something else such as Ctl + Spacebar it might work out better for Mac users.

Thank you for fixing this!

Still not working for me.
MacOS 13.4.1 with Unreal Engine 5.3

When I use CMD + Space my spotlight search is opening up.

it is ctrl + space, not cmd + space. If ctrl + space is not working, it is probably because of keyboard change shortcut. You can disable it under System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Input Sources > Select the previous input source (Disable or change the binding). Or you can change the shortcut in Unreal Editor by using Preferences menu.