UE5 compilation error on Linux system

For more than a week I can’t compile both ue5-main and 5.0 branches on Linux.
Compilation fails with following Error message:

> Engine/Plugins/Online/Experimental/OnlineServices/Source/OnlineServicesInterface/Public/Online/OnlineUtils.h:149:9: error: no matching function for call to 'LexToString'
>         return LexToString(Value);

Before this error UE5 compiled well but failed to start because of various shader compilation errors.
Last working repository state that compiles&runs on Linux I have is

commit 4576d96ee17d1970db16b44c3bf16e04cfcfe4eb 
Date:   Mon Nov 22 09:36:42 2021 

Two weeks later it is still impossible to build both ue5-main and 5.0 branches on Linux.

I have to completely delete plugins source from Engine/Plugins/Online/Experimental to made EnrealEditor build to success.