UE5 Cloth Simulation for stiff materials (leather)

Hey ! I’m having a problem I can’t manage to solve in UE5.

I want to simulate a leather cape on an animated character, and after hours of tweaking and testing, I can’t manage to get a cape that looks stiff like leather would. It always end up looking kinda like silk.
I tried with and without thickness in the mesh, changing every value in the cloth properties, tweaking the cloth painting with lower values, etc.
Surely I’m missing something but I just can’t find what it is.

Here is a screenshot (left is the animated character with cloth sim / right is the static character with the cape looking as it should)

Thanks in advance !


I do have the same problem :frowning: Have you found the solution yet?

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Sadly, I didn’t find any solution for the moment. I’m gonna go with a rig :confused:

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