UE5 Chaos Vehicle Setting up Tachometer

Vehicle was set up in UE5

I can’t get vehicle engine rotation speed. (Same error with max rotation speed).
From the Vehicle Movement Component - Get Forward Speed MPH works, it says Target is Chaos Vehicle Movement Component.

The Get Engine Rotation Speed says Target is Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component

How do I get the Get Engine Rotation Speed for Target is Chaos Vehicle Movement Component? I can’t find it.

Yes it’s not in there, just cast to ChaosWheeled… like below.


Recently I started developing a game in the genre of “racing simulator”, I chose UE5 with Chaos Vehicle for this action. I understood how to initially configure the components, there is nothing complicated there. I have the following problem: I need to pull out the value of the actual engine Torque from the Vehicle Movement Component (the machine settings that I set) in order to carry out further calculations with it (recalculate for power in hp, recalculate instantaneous torque, etc.). If someone knows how to get this value out for me, please tell me to a beginner)

For example: there is a Formula 1 car, a torque curve is given to it, there is an ERS system that temporarily increases engine power, respectively, changes the torque value, also temporarily… so, to reset the torque value, you need to get the value of the variable at a given time, multiply it by the ERS value and write the new value to the car. How do I implement this on blueprints if I can’t output the Engine Torque value?