UE5 - Chaos production ready.

Do you know if Chaos will be production ready in UE5? if it is released this year… because I have tried chaos and it crashes UE4 all the time, it will also be impossible to use Chaos due to huge FPS drops, even if I optimize it, use it to populate the scene with breakable items will be a big NO at this point because it seems the only way to hold them in place is by using ticks in field blueprints, so Chaos+ticks would be a disaster for the GPU, just as an example, PS4-5 requires a minimun of 60 FPS - 90 FPS, and while a PC could handle it better, an FPS that drops to 12FPS … it’s a guaranteed bad review on Steam for poor optimization.

But it looks like UE5 won’t be released that soon either, even the preview trailer wasn’t that high in FPS… or it doesn’t look 60FPS… and I can only assume that UE5 preview will be released in the middle of the year, while the final version will be in December, but I’m not sure if Epic is releasing a Chaos dev report on how the development is going what do you know?


They are saying it’s production ready now. In the state you have witnessed. So…

You can try it yourself in the Launcher… try looking for library named 4.26-chaos something - and witness it yourself.

docs state it’s still in beta (as chaos plugins descriptions do)

ok sure. more like in Alpha really, considering the state it’s in.
however they made the switch and .26 is falsely advertised as

“With an improved and expanded feature set, Chaos physics now lets you simulate Vehicles, Cloth, and Ragdolls in addition to Rigid Bodies so every aspect of the environment comes to life.”

Where in reality it should be:

​​​​​"Loose a ton of performance with our new and expanded Chaos Physics which will literally just make Chaos in existing projects after we fumbled it from a Great performance improvement to a HUGE performance loss in only 4 versions! simulate Vehicles, Cloth, and Ragdolls in addition to Rigid Bodies so every aspect of the environment comes to a GRINDING HALT".

What? Too real?

Hopefully it gets better / they undo whatever they did to cause the huge performance drop when compared to the initial demos/custom engine.

Impossible! Chaos for UE4.26 has massive FPS drops, like I said, even optimizing it, if it drops the FPS that much, it should not to be considered production ready, you canot release a game for PS with FPS drops, at least not lower than 60FPS, but even if it does and you want to use it for PC, If your FPS drops lower than 24 FPS with high millisecond counts, it also means the graphic cards will overheat faster, which is also bad, and might also cause bad reviews on steam, one time I was watching a youtuber playing a new released game on Steam, his PC was boiling, and he stoped playing after 12 minutes, never played that game again, and FPS was pretty good but his graphic card had too much demand to soon.

So quiet right now, no more UE5 announcements, at least they should release UE4.27 with chaos drops fixed and production ready, along side to Groom system improvements and a polished UE4, and not wait until they solve all UE5 optimization and crashing problems to make a new update, it is actually a great idea, because their last UE4 should be the best ever, and UE4.26 is not.

I haven’t tested the old legacy APEX destruction system recently, not sure if use it either, what do you recommend?

I’d be amazed if it just worked.
used last in .23, had to mess around to get it performing right.

Ultimately just made a C class for custom breakable. That tells you how much I liked it :stuck_out_tongue: