[UE5] [Chaos] Field System Turns Off Dynamic Geometry Collection Collision


I am struggling to get dynamic Geometry Collection meshes (made by fracturing a static mesh) to work correctly with the Anchor Fields from the Fields System Plugin.

Adding a Anchor Field to a dynamic Geometry Collection using the Initialization Fields Parameter causes the Geometry Collection to lose its collision and anything physics based regardless of its collision preset seems to go through it. The only other object which does interact are other broken Geometry Collection assets e.g. I break a Geometry Collection which has the object type Sleeping and if one if its pieces hits the Geometry with the Anchor Field attached then it will start to break.

Am I trying to do something impossible and only FS_MasterFields can interact with Geometry Collections with Anchor Fields attached?

Many thanks in advance!

Ditto i don’t have collision after applying a FS_Anchor as an initialization Object