Ue5 Chaos Descruction gravity?

I’m trying to use chaos destruction in ue5 for a space scene and I can’t seem to disable gravity? It explodes and separates fine but it constantly falls downwards. I’ve unticked the “enable gravity” checkbox in the chaos component but the clusters still fall down. Also tried locking movement on Z axis but no luck.

Any ideas on how to do this?


Same concerns here

fixed here: Chaos Destruction for flying object, unable to disable gravity, actor falling - #2 by TremendouslyWET


The solution to the problem is very simple!, you can change the gravity value in the world settings

if is not visible in the world outliner, right besides the details panel, you can activate it by going to windows and selecting “World Settings”

once you do that, search for “gravity” in the search bar and turn on the “Override World Gravity” and set it to 0


Hope this helps!

Try to set enable gravity to false for the actor’s GeometryCollectionComponent