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So I’ve always wondered because I’ve never encountered anything that seems like it’d be able to do this: how do games change the environment as the player turns around? Horror games do this all the time, but so do other genres. A great example is in Arkham Knight when you’re in the Clocktower. You turn around and the room is now Barbara’s apartment. You turn again and now there’s a brick wall with blood on it. You turn again and you’re back in the Clocktower. How do developers do that? It’s hard to Google that because I kind of have to explain it.

Teleport player between the two areas. According to a blog I read, this is how gearbox accomplished the BL2 effect of Player being in the room and Angel is talking to them and suddenly, the room changes (they go to the boss fight area) without player losing control. The room didn’t change, player and camera moved so player seems stationary. Then they repeat the process again when the boss fight is over and Lilith transports Player to Marcus’ back office. All three rooms were in the same level.

Obviously to do this, you’d need some effects to mask the trick you are playing on player.

Here is the blog:

It’s really a shame that most of those blogs seem to have been removed. A wealth of ideas was available on how to implement unique mechanics.


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