UE5 Canyon (Environment Design)

Hello Guys,Here is an animation of my latest environment design in UE5. I Really Enjoyed creating this scene,Hope you



Greetings @JVAD3D !

Thank you so much for featuring your stunning environment design on the UE forums! I feel like we got a marvelous glimpse of a hidden, exclusive pond amongst a large canyon.

Are you self-taught? I see that you used Maya and Megascans. Which assets did you create yourself? What was the most challenging part of creating your environment?

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I hope you are doing well and are far from covid
Thanks for your beautiful words.
Yes,I am self-taught. I used Maya for modeling the canyon walls and also the water fall (Planes with a little curve that have a texture with a pan node).
There was no challenge for me in this project since I am using Unreal for my arch-viz and non-arch-viz projects for around 5-6 months and I have an understanding about how I can use this powerful engine to create concepts I have in my mind in a short time.
Creating the scene took me 4 days from 0 to 100 with a 4 GB GTX 1650 Super,16 GB of Ram and an I7 2700K CPU.
As you noticed I have not a powerful PC but thanks to unreal My PC handled this scene without any problem.
So I am thanksful to Unreal Engine Team for Creating such a powerful tool that allows me to be more creative without being worried about long render times and my PC low specs.

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I forgot to mentions that I used Maya for animating the fishes too.

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Hi Javad_D1!

Yes, I am doing well, thank you. Thankfully, moderating keeps me indoors and far from covid. LOL! You’re most welcome!

It is quite impressive that you are self-taught! I am amazed that you were able to complete this feat with such a graphics card! I’ve seen many developers remark that you need at least a RTX 2080. I’m happy that you haven’t had any issues creating your work! How did you import Maya animations into UE?

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Well,Thanks to lumen and nanite my GTX 1650 Super and also intel i7 2700 K were powerful enough for all of my Unreal projects.
I did not check my FPS in this project because it runs smoothly.But I’ll check it and attach a screen shot.By the way My Screen percentage was 100 percent through out the project (1080*1920) and I used TSR for the first time in this project and I was amazed by it’s power and the cleaner renders it produces.
I just checked the frame rate,In the Immersive mode my frame rate was 22 and it the editor mode it was 48.(I attached screen shots).
For the animation I rigged a fish in maya with a few bones, Created a few nurbs curves and use them as motion path, then Attached the fishes to the curves ,And finaly, I exported the fishes as FBX with animation data and imported it into UE.
About being self-thought, Actually I live in a third world country where you can not find good teachers and sources for CG arts.Right now I am about 32 years old and I started to learn Maya and 3DSMAX when I was 16 with trail and error. It was a long way.
In order to learn unreal,I watched a lot of great YouTube videos such as William Fauchers videos
and did a lot of trails and errors and like always it worked. :wink:
Thanks to internet and YouTube , Nowadays everyone in the World Village can learn any skills in a few months.
I learned how to use Unreal ,Maya, Substance painter, Daz Studio ,AutoCad, MudBox,Speed Tree, Marmoset tool bag and a few more the same way.
I would like to admit that leaning Unreal was the most joyful one.
Here are the screen shots and also the wireframe of the scene:

And here is my Task manager:

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