UE5 Camera rendering issue

I’m working on my first short film to see what I’m able to do. When watching the sequence play out the camera follows the path and there are no issues. When I try to render it the camera gets near the end of the sequence then ends up somewhere else far from the action. No additional transformation points have been added and no changes were made. I have now added a transform point to the end of the sequence and it still jumps


Your google drive link is private, but one thing I would check is that your camera cuts track extends the whole length of the camera animation.

I have the same issue here! Can anyone help pls

Make sure your tracks covers more than the length of the shot.
Check for any errant keys.
Note that if you have an end frame set and use the scrub tool there’s a bug where those 2 are not the same so you can end up with a key that’s a fraction of a frame different.