UE5 C++ Project Editor Show Error!!!!

Error Description:
I Create a C++ Project In UE5 Engine.But I Can’t Use It,Even i can’t See It.


[First Times In]


[U Can See First Inspector Item Show Error when I Move Mouse Above It!]


[I Click It,The Editor Error Become Worse.]


[I choose List of this Item,It Will Be Black background]

This Situation I Need Meet In Blueprint Project In UE5 Engine.
And I Try Updated many System environment Thing{Window System,Unreal Engine,Visual Studio ,And Graphic}

==========Updated Info
Addtive Description Tips: When I Run This Project,The Fps is low,And Graphic use is low

MyCompute hardware List{AMD 2600,Nvidia 1060 6G,Window 10}
=========={If Some Solve This Situation ,Please Tell Me How To Fix It,Thanks a lot}