UE5 bug when trimming animation?



Im encountering an issue when trimming animations using the "remove frame x to frame y " feature in UE5. The animation trims, but resets itself at the very end to what seems to be the starting pose of the original animation, rather than the newly trimmed frame. Has anyone encountered this or know a fix? Id really prefer not to have to do animcomps and record what I need or take it into maya, thatll be a big time sink for this job. Thanks friends.


yeah I am getting this same error

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FINALLY I have the answer.

To fix this issue you need to open up your anim BP, go to your state machine, locate the animation that is hooked into the current pose, select the animation, then un-check ‘Loop’

This error is caused by the default loop setting which returns the animation back to starting position and runs at odd or incomplete times if you trim the frames or change the rate scale of the animation.