UE5 broke mobile?

My converted project launches to my iPhone just fine with UE5-ea but the app doesn’t open, it just opens up to a black screen. Does UE5 not support mobile yet?

also for some reason my back up of the project opened with UE5 too and I converted it back to 4.26, it worked for a while but now it randomly opens to a new template project map, with all my content gone from the content browser, even though all my content is actually there in the folder on my desktop. I’ve fixed this by removing the config folder and replacing it with the UE5 project’s one, but it’s done it again and now I’m just stuck on a project that doesn’t open my work on 4.26, and a functioning project on UE5 that doesn’t work on my iPhone. Any help would be appreciated

The main question is does UE5 currently support launching projects to iPhone as I don’t mind backing up the UE5 project and working around bugs as long as it works - I’m a noob to all this